Intelligent System

OIG provides solutions and landing technologies for customers

Digital and intelligent operation enable customers in various industries

ERP Order Management System

The series versions of import supply chain ERP products provide all-round ERP supply chain solutions for e-commerce companies, and effectively solve the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises' supply chain to control and cooperate with the overall capital flow, information flow and logistics, and improve efficiency.

WMS Warehouse Management System

Based on the operation platform of lean management in the process of logistics operation, it includes the realization of warehouse receiving, sending, storing and various internal control processes.

TMS Transportation Management System

The transportation management system is based on the transportation management in the logistics links of the supply chain, including front-end pickup, trunk line, less than carload, complete vehicle, transfer shipment, landing distribution [cod], etc.; it provides management and monitoring of transportation implementation. Pod of mobile terminal.

ROS Transportation Route System

Calculate the best to meet the business needs, VDP data operation platform, operation indicators, abnormal conditions, monitoring, warehouse resources digitization, job tracking, real-time customer service indicators, equipment and facilities centralized platform management

OMS Order Management System

Logistics order unified control and life cycle monitoring and management, order routing management and distribution, logistics track tracking, mobile terminal docking.

WCS Warehouse Equipment Control System

Real time monitoring of logistics operation intelligent robot status, machine action path algorithm [PLC, RCS], guiding intelligent equipment operation.

BMS Logistics Cost Management System

Transportation and storage cost calculation, combined with the rate information and Billing Engine for fee settlement calculation, labor operation automation analysis.

VGS Vehicle and Cargo Trading System

Set up a real-time cooperation platform for carriers and shippers, supervise in transit, track vehicle resources in time, and connect with the third-party transport platform.

Comprehensive Intelligent Management Helps Customers

OIG provides customers with all-round and multi-level key technical guidance and software services to help customers stand in the forefront of intelligent management and achieve efficient business operation.